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The ultimate amphitheatre gaming solution. Aura is distinguished by unparalleled comfort and superior design.



Aura is the winning choice for modular multi-game amphitheatre gaming set ups. Unparalleled comfort, seamless performance and features that make games more exciting and attractive for the player result in longer gaming sessions.

Depending on your floor space and business plan, you can connect any playing station to live, automated or virtual game and expand or change your setup with time - no replacement of the hardware needed. Aura offers virtually endless customization options. With a wide selection of finishes and upholstery Aura will fit perfectly into your casino interior.

Amphitheatre set-up
Cutting-edge design

Aura cabinet


Aura works best in amphitheatre setups with multiple screens and tables in front. However, it can also be used in an island with one central screen or as a standalone station for a virtual game. Aura gives you the freedom to change configurations without unnecessary costs. You can add games, tables, technologies or stations as your business extends. Add a standalone display or a topper to draw even more attention to the games. 

  • Aura Roulette


    Aura Roulette can be installed in several different versions and in combinations thereof: AUTOMATED Roulette, VIRTUAL Roulette, LIVE Roulette and CONNECTION TO EXISTING LIVE Roulette. You can further inspire your players with our PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT SYSTEM and a TOPPER.


  • Aura Sic Bo | Craps

    Sic Bo | Craps

    Aura SicBo or Craps can be installed as an AUTOMATED, VIRTUAL or LIVE game or in any combination thereof. The mechanics of the Aura SicBo automated game integrates a proprietary solution, which almost eliminates the situations of the dice being placed on top of each other or over the border. The most important outcome of this innovation is the increased number of valid outcomes per hour. To elevate enjoyment of the game, we have added visual and audio emphasis to mark the crucial moment of the dice shaking.


  • Aura Baccarat


    Aura Baccarat is an extremely appealing VIRTUAL or LIVE game. The virtual Baccarat is hosted by our attractive croupiers in HD live footage, which offers players a feel of a live game. Furthermore, they can choose among different croupiers and pick the one they find most attractive. The players can also enjoy a selection of side-bets. The drawn cards can be previewed through a peek scanner, which shows the card only partially to increase excitement and drama.


  • Aura Multigame


    Aura multigame solution offers each player the freedom to choose from different types of games (Roulette, SicBo | Craps, Baccarat), different technologies (automated, virtual, live), different attractive croupiers and languages.

    Multigame solution is modular, meaning that more games and/or gaming positions can be added. It is also entirely customisable. It will be adapted to your interior design, your technical requirements, combination of games you wish to include and to the desired layout of the gaming positions.




Aura is extremely modular and easy to upgrade. It supports all technologies (automated, virtual, live) and multiple games (Roulette, SicBo | Craps, Baccarat), offering one seamless, enjoyable gaming experience. Depending on your floor space and business plan, you can connect any playing station to live, automated or virtual game and expand or change your setup with time - no replacement of the hardware needed.

Extremely customisable

As the rest of the Spintec solutions, Aura is developed to fit in with a variety of existing software solutions and virtually any spatial requirements. Its software supports SAS and VAN protocols and can be seamlessly integrated with Casino Management Systems of your preference. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of games (Roulette, Sic Bo | Craps, Baccarat), technologies (automated, virtual, live), game parameters and additional fittings. And last but not least, the high- end wood and leather finishes can be customised to fit the interior of your casino floor.


Aura’s software supports SAS and VAN protocol and can be seamlessly integrated with Casino Management Systems of your preference (Accounting & Cage, Ticketing, Cashless, Player Tracking etc.). However, if you have different needs, Spintec R&D team is ready to develop the software to support any other widely used protocol.


The built-in shock sensors and accessories for additional protection, along with mobile text notifications in case of trouble, guarantee the uppermost level of safety and control over your equipment. Proprietary knowhow registers unwanted tilts and movements of the wheel and immediately stops the game. This prevents abuse in a very efficient way.


The Aura software boasts excellent stability and continuity of operations. The hardware is also designed in a way which reduces the downtime and shortens the maintenance procedures considerably.


Aura boasts a roulette wheel of the ultimate quality in order to guarantee reliability and precision, while avoiding costly downtime. Aura’s winning number reader is extremely fast and accurate, resulting in increased number of games per hour. It endorses three reading sensors, making the reading of the winning number several times faster.

Mobile Text Notification.

SMS notification keeps operators remotely updated on relevant events, statistical data and accounting information.


Unbeatable Comfort

Players will enjoy extremely spacious and ergonomic seating with lots of room for legs and the luxuriously padded armrests. Aura boast a wide screen sunken and tilted for optimal viewing angle. Aura has a dedicated space for storage of personal belongings, a place for mobile phone and a place for drinks. Comfort translates into longer gaming sessions, which in turn translates into higher casino income.

Superior design

Aura is packed with features that make it stand out from the competition. Take the topper, designed to attract visitors to an especially exciting game of Roulette by displaying Jackpot. Or our signature solution that enhances the thrill of shaking the dice as well as increases the number of valid games per hour. Or the luxury finishes that, along with custom designed lighting, make the machines visible and attractive even at the dimmest ambient light.


Players will appreciate an intuitive user interface supporting several languages with rules of the game, statistics, different views and incorporating multimedia. What is more, Aura allows them to individually adjust the contrast of the screen, choose between different interface views and switch between different games on different tables.


The integrated Topper comes equipped with Multimedia, offering the players additional audio and visual interaction. It can also show all players’ bets or just display statistics and video of the wheel or shaking dice captured by the integrated camera. Aura offers innovative illumination of the wheel and dice, thus enabling visibility and readability of the numbers even in environments with soft or low light.

USB Charger

Built-in USB chargers will keep your players focused on the game and will contribute to longer gaming sessions. Players’ mobile devices will be always charged right at the playing station.


Spintec gaming solutions are entirely customisable. You can choose different games (Roulette, Sic Bo/Craps, Baccarat), technologies (automated, virtual and live gaming), languages and game parameters (speed and betting time). Another great feature is modularity, which allows you to optimize the size of operations by adding or extracting gaming stations and tables.

Aura Roulette can be installed as AUTOMATED Roulette, VIRTUAL Roulette, LIVE Roulette and a connection to existing live roulette.

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SicBo - Craps

SicBo or Craps is an exciting dice game full of adrenaline. It can be installed as an AUTOMATED, VIRTUAL or LIVE game or in any combination thereof.

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Baccarat is an extremely appealing VIRTUAL game and a variation with LIVE game is also possible. The players can enjoy a selection of side-bets.

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A multigame solution allows players the freedom to choose from different games, technologies, game tables and attractive croupiers.

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Spintec’s world-class engineers are continuously striving for innovation leadership. This is how we shape the key difference that defines our gaming solutions. All technologies – AUTOMATED, LIVE, VIRTUAL - offer one seamless gaming experience. A multigame solution gives players the advantage of choosing different games and technologies.

Automated games are distinguished by increased excitement and drama with live-game-alike factor, shaking of the dice and peek scanner at Baccarat.


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Let your floor stand out with live games boasting the ultimate quality of Roulette wheels, dice shakers at Sic Bo or Craps and Baccarat card shoes.


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Aura virtual games are just as attractive as the live ones as players can enjoy the company of different attractive croupiers on HD live footage.


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