1. 2010

    Highly experienced engineers, gaming professionals and high-tech experts put their expertise together and found Spintec. Since the beginning, Spintec has always focused on innovation of cutting-edge Electronic Table Games.

  2. 2011

    In January Spintec introduces and sells its first product under the brand name Karma at the ICE London expo. The same year we completed installations in Georgia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The company obtains EN standards and Slovenian gaming board compliance certificate.

  3. 2012

    Spintec made a breakthrough to the Asian market when it sold its first Karma Roulette in Macau. From that year on, Karma grew into being the first-choice automated roulette in Macau. In 2012, the company also entered the Latin American market by selling its first machines to Colombia. The same year we launched our ETGs to Netherlands, Turks & Caicos and Croatia.

  4. 2013

    Spintec signed a contract with the Spanish distributor Sente which presented Karma at the gaming expo in Malaga, Spain. This year was the beginning of a successful partnership that later on made Spain one of the most important markets for Spintec. Furthermore, we started installed our ETGs in St. Martin, Jamaica and Cyprus (Turkey). Spintec sales revenue exceeded one million.

  5. 2014

    Spintec increased its presence in Latin America by selling its first machine in Peru. Furthermore, the company launched a virtual Roulette display, successfully installed a new version of Karma with toppers, and a progressive Jackpot system. Customers experienced for the first time the progressive game this product offers, with music and graphics, which placed Spintec in the world’s top state-of-the-art suppliers of gaming solutions.
    This year Spintec solutions were installed in casinos in Portugal, India, Philippines and on several Cruise ships.

  6. 2015

    Spintec presents its stand-alone Virtual Roulette at the ICE expo in London, which placed the company among the industry leaders in creative solutions for operators and players. This year HRU, owner of the biggest chain of gambling halls in Uruguay, and Dirección General de Casinos (DGC) carried out a comparative test between several competing European suppliers. Spintec’s Karma Roulette was given an award by a joint committee formed by HRU and DGC, for proving highest profit and technical performance on the gaming floor.
    Spintec gaming solutions were installed in Paraguay, Uruguay, Ireland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Nepal.

  7. 2016

    Spintec pushed again the boundaries of latest solutions in gaming technology at 2016 premier gaming event – ICE. The company launched an innovative and unique automated RNG for dice game, technological brake through virtual Baccarat and SicBo. All games were integrated in one multigame platform. Later in 2016, Spintec installed an amphitheatre gaming set-up in Genting, Malaysia, the Asia’s largest and leading resort. Furthermore, Spintec launched its gaming products in Argentina, Italy, South Korea, Senegal, Vietnam, Timor Este.

  8. 2017

    At the ICE expo in London, the company unveiled its second product line Aura. Spintec got approved the membership application to join AGEM (International Gaming Association). Karma and Aura gaming solutions debuted at the Australian gaming expo which gives Spintec a good jumping off point for start selling in this country. Spintec showcased its gaming solutions at G2E Las Vegas where the company received remarkable feed-back by potential clients and a strong interest for Karma and Aura gaming solutions. Spintec began with a large investment project of increasing the production capacities by three times.
    This year Spintec expanded its ETGs sales to Morocco, Dominican Republic, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Malaysia, Curacao and Cambodia.

  9. 2018

    Spintec worked really hard on upgrading the existing technologies, games and developing new product lines and products. Karma GEN2 product line debuted at ICE London 2018 and received remarkable feedback. Spintec’s electronic table games conquered many new markets and expanded its footprint in existing markets. This year Spintec broadened its market to Belgium, Switzerland, France, Vietnam and South African Republic. In the end of 2018 Spintec started with construction works for the new office and production premises that will offer 300% more space for company’s growth and development in the future.

  10. 2019

    2019 was one of the most successful business years in Spintec's history. Spintec has entered a new partnership with Merkur Gaming and launched a new product line, Merkur ETG, powered by Spintec. At the ICE trade show in London, the company unveiled its new game – Blackjack. The company made its debut in the Australian market, and made several installations across the country. Spintec showcased its gaming solutions at ICE Africa where the company received remarkable feedback from potential clients and a strong interest for Karma and Aura gaming solutions. At the end of the year the company moved to new business premises of 4000 m2 which increases our production capacities by three times. The company celebrated its great success at a glorious grand opening event where they invited their business partners, friends and local community.