Karma Karma GEN2 Aura


Live, automated or virtual – Roulette is the queen of gaming. With Aura amphitheatre solution, we incorporated a bunch of innovative technologies and physical solutions to make the game even faster, more precise and thereby more enjoyable. 

Automated Roulette boasts a wheel of the ultimate quality which guarantees reliability and precision, through extremely fast and accurate winning number reader with three reading sensors.

Virtual Roulette offers the players the possibility of choosing different attractive croupiers. With a large screen and live HD footage Karma Roulette feels extremely realistic.

Spintec expertly manufactures each live Roulette table with a mix of precision engineering and master craftsmanship, resulting in a stunning and technologically advanced gaming table.

Add the Progressive Jackpot System to your Karma Roulette as an additional incentive for the players.
Progressive Jackpot

A bet on a full number is included into the progressive Jackpot.
Jackpot winning number

A random lucky number is picked right after the bets are closed and before the ball drops.
Progressive Jackpot Win

If the winning number is the same as the lucky number, and the player has bet on it, the player wins the Jackpot.


Automated Roulette

Aura automated Roulette 12 playing stations topper deluxe
Aura automated Roulette 6 playing stations
Aura automated Roulette 8 playing stations
Aura automated Roulette 10 playing stations
Aura automated Roulette 12 playing stations

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