Karma GEN2 Karma Aura

Karma Baccarat – A card game full of suspense and excitement!

Spintec offers a wide range of design and setup possibilities for virtual baccarat game and live baccarat.

The Virtual Baccarat game is hosted by different attractive croupiers in HD live footage which gives a feel of a live game. Croupiers speak different languages. Players can also enjoy a selection of side-bets. The drawn cards can be previewed through a peek scanner, which increases excitement and drama. You can also adjust the speed of the game and decide on denominations.

Alongside exquisitely handcrafted Live Baccarat tables stand cutting edge electronic components including the dealer console, dealer shuffler and a video camera live streaming on the monitor.


Virtual Baccarat

Stand-alone Virtual Baccarat
Virtual Baccarat
6 playing stations
Virtual Baccarat
6+ playing stations

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat
5 playing stations

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