Karma GEN2 Karma Aura

Karma Sic Bo / Craps – Rolling the dice has never been this exciting!

Karma SicBo is available as an automated, virtual or live game or in any combination thereof. Karma Craps is available as an automated game. 

Automated SicBo | Craps game integrates a proprietary solution, which ensures a smooth operation, preventing the dices being placed on top of each other or over the border. We have also added a visual and audio emphasis to accentuate the adrenalin and the excitement while the dices are shaking.

Karma innovative virtual SicBo or Craps game let players enjoy the company of an attractive croupier chosen by them. Live HD footage of the game feels truly realistic.

Live SicBo or Craps tables, designed and crafted by Spintec, are available in finishes and colours of your choice.


Automated Sic Bo - Craps

Automated Sicbo/Craps
8 playing stations,

Virtual Sic Bo

Stand-alone Virtual SicBo/Craps
Virtual SicBo/Craps
6 playing stations

Live Sic Bo

Live SicBo /Craps
5 playing stations

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