Karma GEN2 Aura

Karma Electronic Blackjack – Conquers your Floor!

The Blackjack Game

The play is thrilling, the rules are clear and the players love it. It's that simple. Especially if the blackjack game experience is as close to live as possible. An attractive virtual dealer on the big screen will have players hooked with an adrenaline rush to play which all means longer blackjack gaming sessions and higher revenues for the operators.

Side Bets

Electronic blackjack machine comes with up to five additional side bets that make the game even more interesting and fun to play.

Hot 33
Bring on the fire! Count the first two open player’s cards and dealer’s up card and if the amount is 30 or higher you are on a winning streak.

Royal Alliance
Hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades are your allies. You are aiming for first two suited cards on player’s hand. And guess what, suited Royal Family brings you the best of luck.

Dealer Crush
Ready for a bet? If the final sum of dealer’s open cards is 24 or more, you are in for a win.

Suited Twins
You know what to do, just watch for a pair on player’s, dealer’s or both hands and bring on the game!

Poker Hunt
For all the poker lovers out there. Make a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind or straight flush with first two player’s cards and dealer’s up card and be ready for a celebration.


Virtual Blackjack

Virtual Blackjack
5 playing stations
Stand-alone Virtual Roulette

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