Karma GEN2 Karma Aura

Karma Electronic Sic Bo / Craps – Rolling the dice has never been this exciting


Place your bets and roll your dices! That’s all you need for an exciting play of Karma Sic Bo/Craps. Karma Sic Bo comes as Automated, Virtual or Live depending on your preferences. Karma Craps supports Automated gaming technology. In addition to that it can also be installed to support a combination of different gaming technologies, adding to the overall excitement on the casino floor.


Karma SicBo/Craps game integrates a proprietary solution, which ensures a smooth operation, preventing the dices being placed on top of each other or over the border. Ultimately, this increases the number of valid outcomes per hour, translating directly into higher revenues.

Audio and visual effects

We have added audio and visual effects to emphasise the suspenseful rolling of the dices. This increases the overall excitement, boosts the adrenaline rush, and deepens the feeling of suspense, making it easier for the player to stay hooked.


Automated Sic Bo - Craps

Automated Sicbo/Craps
8 playing stations,
RNG Automated Dice

Virtual Sic Bo

Stand-alone Virtual SicBo/Craps
Virtual SicBo/Craps
5 playing stations

Live Sic Bo

Live SicBo/Craps
5 playing stations

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The type of modularity of products means there is no need to compromise in the number of gaming stations or in game selection. Tell us a little bit more about what interests you the most and we will find the best solution for you.

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