Amazing welcoming for Karma GEN2 comptact gaming solutions in Slovenian casinos


Karma GEN2 received splendid welcoming from operators across the world. One of the first installations were made in Slovenia, Spintec’s home country, in Casino & Hotel Park and Casino & Hotel Mond. And what are their first impressions?
Matjaž Pregelj, Slot Manager at Park is amazed by Karma GEN2 ability to attain players. “Karma GEN2 promises longer gaming sessions which directly translates into higher revenues for us. From the day we introduced Karma GEN2 to our casino floor we are happy to say this is something we are seeing on a daily basis. Karma GEN2 is designed in a way it has complete player’s attention from the very first moment they sit down to play.” 

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Miran Lovrec, Slot Manager at Mond added: “When deciding about a new installation, we didn’t have to think twice. Karma First Generation was well received on our casino floor by players and we were thrilled to see how Karma GEN2 will perform. And it sparked players’ attention right away. They were drawn to it by modern design and LED technology that intensifies the visual effects and visibility of gaming station on the casino floor.”

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The whole team at Spintec is really proud that Karma GEN2, a casino gaming product we put a lot of energy and time in, is being so well accepted by casinos and most importantly by players who are always at the forefront of our minds. We're happy to extend our reach in our home country. Here you can check a directory of all casinos in Slovenia: Casino Slovenia.
Want to know more about Karma GEN2 and how it can be integrated in your casino? Contact us at with any questions you have. We’ll be happy to answer you and make sure your casino floors will look as amazing as Park’s and Mond’s with new Karma GEN2.