The biggest innovation presented is a new product line Aura, with a revolutionary new approach in designing a comfortable and ergonomic playing station. Aura is perfect for amphitheatre setups, combining live, automated and virtual games in one multigame experience. As part of a multigame solution, a multigame wall was shown. This product enables a stand-alone multigame display solution, independent from any back-wall on which monitors are usually installed at the casino. This novelty is already successfully installed at Perla Hit Casino with excellent feedback from the players and from the casino managers.

Karma line has two novelties. An automated solution for dice games is combining two games - Sic Bo and Craps within one automated center, allowing player to choose his preferred game. The second novelty is a wider monitor on a virtual stand-alone playing station, where players can enjoy different virtual games in HD quality.

With a wide range of electronic table games solutions, Spintec proved to be one of the leading providers in the gaming industry.