ICE 2018 - Spintec announces to expand their electronic table games' presence world-wide



At ICE Totally Gaming 2018 the company announced to expand Spintec’s electronic table games presence worldwide, and at the same time to keep the business growth stable and sustainable. The company will continue to pursue the main goal of providing innovative gaming solutions with longer gaming session guarantee. The promise that we offer to our valued partners through cutting edge design of Spintec ETGs, technological perfection, and product development based on in-depth market research.

Spintec to broaden the selection of games and enlarge company's facilities by 300%

“This year Spintec’s core investments are focused on product development and certification. One of the goals we have set for our company concerning product development is to broaden the selection of games on our ETGs.  Furthermore, we have invested in building a new facility providing 300 percent larger production and office capacities, as the current ones could not sustain the company’s growth and development in the future. We are confident our own new building will incentivize growth, development, and innovation of our products, raise motivation in our team and sustain the growth of our business,” said Igor Lombar, General Manager at Spintec.  

Premiere presentation of new Aura and Karma Gen-II

At ICE Totally Gaming Spintec offered the visitors a long-awaited premiere presentation of the Aura Roulette amphitheatre gaming solution with a dazzling design of topper and sign. additionally, we revealed the automated Karma Roulette generation II for the first time. “We blended led technology with top design. The result is a gaming solution that will not be unnoticed. Aura will make any casino more attractive and appealing to customers,” says Lombar.

Supreme attractiveness and visibility of Spintec electronic table games

Spintec unveiled our new technology and design, which once again proves the company is always one step ahead in offering an unparalleled gaming experience; starting with ergonomic chairs for comfortable sitting position, to good view of the monitor, lots of space for legs, the possibility to move the chair back and forth, space for drinks and personal belongings, and last but not least the luxury of wooden and leather finishes. All these unique features give Spintec the primacy in the field of stylish, comfortable and innovative ETGs. New products will also offer enhanced visual effects, resulting in supreme attractiveness and visibility of the gaming machines on the casino floor.