Spintec’s Karma Roulette Proven Highest Performance on Gaming Floor in Uruguay


HRU, owner of the biggest chain of gambling halls in Uruguay, named Maroñas Entertainment, venues operated in partnership with Dirección General de Casinos (DGC), organized a Trial Invitation (similar to a public tender, but with a trial first) for European Roulette Suppliers. In past months, a comparative test between several competing suppliers was carried out at HRU´s main Gambling Hall, Montevideo Shopping Center. A joint committee, formed by HRU and DGC Executives, awarded decision in favor of Spintec’s Karma Roulette, that proved the highest profit and technical performance on the gaming floor. The South American Market is the latest of the markets (Macau, Netherland, Spain, Ireland, Philippines, India, etc.) where Karma Roulettes received the best feedback from players and casinos in the market.