Spintec sponsor to Lakeness festival 2018


This summer, Spintec was a proud sponsor of Lakeness festival, happening between 16 and 19 of August. Lakeness festival was organized by Društvo Mladi Renče-Vogrsko who is on the scene for 10 years already, organizing different musical, cultural and sports activities in the area. In 2009 they even received a national award “The best volunteer”. We at Spintec recognize and embrace our commitment to the community in which we operate. We believe giving back to the community drives innovation and builds an environment that enhances education and entrepreneurship. Društvo Mladi Renče-Vogrsko and their projects are something we strongly believe in, that’s why we embraced their ideas a few years ago and are proud to be a part of.

This year Društvo Mladi Renče-Vogrsko decided it’s time for something big. They organized a four-day event, called Lakeness festival, bringing together more than 5000 people from Slovenia and nearby countries. And to no surprise, since it was taken care of everything. Camping place, organized transport, different activities during the day, such as supping, wake-boarding, e-biking, wine tours, food and drink stations and many stages binging together prominent names in the music industry. Elvis Jackon, Dubioza Kolektiv, Jinx, Mi2, Tinkara Kovač, are just a few names taking place on the festival stage.

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Now that the festival was successfully concluded, we asked Andraž Furlan, organizer of the Lakeness festival, to wrap his thoughts around: “Organizing such a big event for the first time was definitely a big challenge for me and for the whole team. I am very proud that people in Društvo Mladi Renče-Vogrsko are all enthusiastic, eager, with lots of ideas and passion for what they do. And not only them, but also people and companies in the area were breathing with us and helping as much as they could. We want to say a big thank you to all! Lakeness festival 2018 would not be the same without you.” Andraž concluded with future in mind: “Lakeness festival 2018 was a huge success and we want to make 2019 even more unforgettable. Ideas and plans are already taking shape and we can’t wait to tell you more!”
If you want to get more info about the festival, visit https://www.lakeness.si/.

spintec lakeness sponsor